Sunny Hunny

Well hello there. I keep saying i’ll post. It’s not that I forget, honestly. I have a million drafts saved, but none are completed because I either don’t want to publish them yet or there is something I want to add but I can’t decide what. Anyhoo.

Yesterday we went for a trip to Hunstanton. We as in 6 of my friends and I, it was awfully fun. I might as well put a few pictures so here we go.

I’m sure they will be fine with their pictures here if they see this, it’s not as though millions of people read anyway haha.
But yeah it was good fun. Hope we can do it again soon tbh.
(Ps this was from a while ago I just thought I would publish it it’s from like a month ago.)



Evening, all. 

Well, October soon! Isn’t it exciting. Good month October.
On the 3rd, it’s national poetry day, meaning that the Foyle’s poetry competition announces their winners!! Which is ever so exciting, whether you win or not. And on the 1st, Rookie Yearbook 2 is released in New York, and then the 3rd is when it’s released here I AM SO EXCITED IT IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER I CANNOT ACTUALLY CONTAIN MY JOY. And then of course, Halloween. Which is one of my favourite occasions because it means dark lipstick and black clothes. And this excites me. 
I also love the spookiness of it all and how everything seems a little eerie. 

Currently I’m watching The Squid and The Whale, a Wes Anderson movie. (Those are the best kind.) I’ve also finished reading the Cuckoo’s Calling, which was magnificent and there was THE BEST plot twist ever. I have finally got my hands on a copy of Cloud Atlas, and cannot wait to start it. (A friend brought it for me) (THANK GOD I WAS GOING TO DIE WITHOUT IT)

Otherwise, there’s not much else to share. Got a maths mock in two weeks which is soooo depresso but whatever. 

In other news, I really want a typewriter.


“A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.” ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

I’m aware I’ve not written in a while, and I’m sorry for that. Wow, it’s been a month! Crazy how time flies. Especially when you haven’t actually done anything important to document. 
However, I didn’t find time to read or finish the majority of books on my list, so I must have been doing something. Probably tumblr. I spent an awful lot of time on that.

Now, I expect you’ve heard about the new Harry Potter! I cannot wait. It’s meant to be out in 2017, I’ll be 19. That’s pretty crazy. It’s going to be about Newt Scammander (The fictional character that wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and set in the 20s. Which means swing music and wizards! I don’t think I’ve been more excited. We could possibly see Dumbledore and his family, because it is 70 years ago from the ending of Potter. On that note, Sherlock is supposedly coming back in December. NOT LONG NOW, FOLKS.

I’ve probably mentioned about Peter Capaldi being the 12th Doctor. So much news all at once! I think he’ll be all dark and mysterious. 11 will regenerate in the Christmas special. I expect I will cry a lot. I can’t bear to see him leave.

Year 11 feels quite different to year 10, although hardly anything has changed. I suppose it’s the pressure and closeness to exams, which I am dreading. We have maths in November. 8 weeks or something. In Chemistry we’ve begun to do our coursework, which I am doing quite well in and that’s a surprise. I suck at science, it’s my weakest subject. The teacher also thinks I’m really dumb and is pretty patronizing but who the fuck cares. If I get a good grade that will prove her wrong haha.

Recently, I’ve watched lots of fantastic films. Cloud Atlas, although long, has become one of my favourite films. Originally a book, I can’t buy it because my parents have actually banned me from buying books. They say I have enough. Well, that’s the funny thing about books. THEY ALL CONTAIN A DIFFERENT STORY. It’s really bothering me. I like my books. 

But yes, Cloud Atlas is really moving. It’s about how we are connected to different times in history, and that we are the same person, reborn throughout time. It is quite hard to follow because you have to see how the different people connect with other timelines. But it is brilliant, and the quotes and the words and the actors are brilliant. Around 15 actors are the main parts, and they play different people. It’s from like 150 BC to thousands of years in the future. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait to read the book.
Amy and I watched The Woman in Black on Friday, which was extremely scary. I’m not good with scary films; stories I’m okay with, just not films. This one made us jump a lot, and we screamed quite a bit too! Overall it was freaky, because it wasn’t scary in a literal sense, more psychologically and visually due to the noises and jumps on the screen.
Over the Summer, I watched a lot of films, which included Reality Bites, LOL, Lolita, Girl Interrupted, The Bling Ring, The Rise of the Planet of The Apes, Iron Man, Ballet Shoes (it’s my fave film 5ever ok), and lots of others but my mind has gone blank (it seems to do that when I need it, haha)

I’ve also taken to listening to classical and instrumental music because it’s good for homework etc, and it’s very lovely. I just listen to countless 8tracks playlists, drown myself in coffee, and do my textiles homework. Which, by the way, is going abnormally well. I’ve already finished the research stage, so I don’t actually have to do anything in class. Which is nice. 

I’d say that I’ll write again soon, but I’m not making any promises. 



Hello to you all out there. Currently I’m lounging in the living room, on my laptop and terribly bored. I keep planning to do art and read and shit but it doesn’t get done; not because I’m lazy, merely because I can’t find the time to do any of this whilst I’m doing nothing. Wow I’m not even making sense anymore. WAY TO GO SUMMER HOLIDAYS. So, we found out who the new Doctor is – PETER CAPALDI!!! I’m so very excited, I’ve seen him act before in Fires of Pompeii with Donna and 10, and he was brilliant. I wonder if that episode will be linked to the Doctor, or will they keep them separate?! Either way I think he will be brilliant. I feel that he will bring a more dark and mysterious side to the Doctor. 

Although, it would have been interesting to see the controversy if they had picked a woman. I doubted they would have because a lot of the fans preferred male, mainly because that would mean he would have an obvious connection to the previous doctors. 

Hmm. I came here to talk about something in particular but I can’t remember what. Tomorrow I’m home alone (I have to look after my sister so not exactly), but I wanted to do a bit of fashion blogging like the good ol’ days. (Used to have a fashion blog) I think I’ll do film-based items, probably 70s/80s/90s films. Will do it on a few favourites. 
Thanks for reading and looking forward to tomorrow! 


Rain rain rain

It’s raining. The kind of rain you hope will carry on forever, where the sound of the droplets is comforting and the hustle of the trees sway you into sleep. And you hope the plane that passes is thunder and camera flashes follow.
The silence which numbs the melancholy held at the bottom of the droplets, drowns in the warmth of the summer air. It’s muggy and you feel like it’s autumn, and the strange feeling you have when you realise it isn’t. Nostalgia and reminiscence hide in the shadows and balance within the grey clouds above. Sound waves of rain movements fill your ears, ringing and ringing in different tones. Like the dark cold mornings of October, I watch it as the water races down my window. Vacant cars can be heard swishing by. You forget completely it’s meant to be summer.